4-Wheel Drive Outperforms All-Wheel Drive in Toughness

Whether you use the trails or paved roads in Brookhaven, you need a tough car to navigate you through to your destination. We at Toyota of Brookhaven have a wide range of 4-wheel and all-wheel models that can suit your specific needs. The all-wheel drive cars and crossovers are readily available from any automaker.

However, the 4-wheel drive cars are common in pickup trucks and off-road SUVs. These are models with towing capabilities. The all-wheel car can easily navigate tough roads with an average rate of performance. Its system can easily adapt to changing road conditions by applying torque to individual tires.

If you need a car that has towing capabilities and one which can also navigate rough roads with ease, the 4-wheel drive is your best bet. These are heavy duty cars that have split differentials for a smoother ride. To know more about the 4-wheel drive visit us at Toyota of Brookhaven.

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