Service Your Vehicle at Toyota of Brookhaven

There are about 30,000 parts on a modern vehicle. Knowing each part, down to the smallest nut and bolt, would be nearly impossible without a library full of books, manuals, and how-to videos. You could try and figure it out yourself, or perhaps hope that the shop down the street can be trusted when they need to know about hundreds of different types of cars.

The other option, of course, is to bring your vehicle to our service department. Our technicians are trained by the manufacturer and actually do know about each part of your vehicle. This ensures that no matter why you need to have your vehicle serviced with us, whether it's regular maintenance or a serious issue, it will be repaired correctly the first time. If you wait here while your vehicle is serviced, you can enjoy our comfortable waiting room so you don't miss a beat. You deserve to know that your vehicle is being serviced professionally. At Toyota of Brookhaven, we do just that.

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