How New Windshield Wiper Blades Make Your Car Safer

Not too many drivers put much attention on changing their wiper blades until they fail. Here are a couple reason to make the switch now before you are left without the ability to see in severe weather.

The metal framework on the old wipers is where ice and snow gets trapped and causes the rubber to not flex enough to contact the windshield. This is the reason the winter blades have that rubber casing around them, to block ice or snow from interfering with the wiping motion and keeping your field of vision clear.

The composition of the new windshield wiper blades is stronger than regular blades; this allows for the wipers to move significant amounts of precipitation with the arm bending. When that arm bends, the rubber can't reach the glass and you can't keep your field of vision clear. Visit Toyota of Brookhaven and our team will replace your worn wipers with new wiper blades.

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