Compare These Toyota Avalon Safety Features

If you are in the market for a new full-size sedan, you'll definitely want to look at the Toyota Avalon from Toyota of Brookhaven. These are some of the safety features of the vehicle that are getting high marks.

A night driving safety feature in the Avalon is the Automatic High Beams system. The headlights will switch automatically from low beams to high beams when the road conditions allow. Riding safety with the high beams on allows you better visibility. The Avalon also has the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system installed to make highway driving safer. Your vehicle is scanning ahead for any vehicles that may be driving at a slower speed than your car and can safely adjust your speed until the road is clear for the desired speed.

Be sure you take some time out of your day and come down to our Brookhaven, MS Toyota dealership so you can hop in the Avalon and take it out for a test drive today.

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