What Does the Light On My Dashboard Mean?

Dashboard Warning Lights

When you’re driving in Jackson and one of your dashboard warning lights turns on, you don’t want to be left asking, “What does the light on my dashboard mean?” when you’re busy navigating traffic. That’s why Toyota of Brookhaven is offering this guide to the meanings of a collection of dashboard warning lights, so you can get an idea of what they mean and have an easy reference. Take a look at our guide to what the lights on your dashboard mean, and contact our service department if necessary. 

Dashboard Warning Light Meanings

Here’s a collection of dashboard warning lights you might see on your Toyota dashboard, what they mean, and what you should do if they turn on when you’re driving in Monticello or McComb: 

Engine Warning Lights:

  • Coolant Temp Warning – Your coolant levels are off, possibly from a coolant leak. 
  • Service Vehicle – Electrical issues usually trigger this light. 
  • Reduced Power Warning – This light means you need to schedule an appointment for your car’s electrical system. 
  • Cruise Control – This isn’t a warning light. It just reminds you that Cruise Control is on. 

Brake System Warning Lights:

  • Brake System – Your brake fluid is too low or there’s an issue with your ABS system. 
  • Traction Control or ESP – Another light that isn’t a warning but a reminder: your vehicle’s electronic stability system is being utilized.

Safety & Informative Warning Lights:

  • Security Alert – This light primarily lets you know if a door isn’t closed completely. It can also indicate that your ignition switch is locked. 
  • Fog Lamp – This reminds you when you have your brights on.
  • Airbag Fault – If this light comes on when you start your car, it means there’s a problem with your airbag, and you need to have it serviced. 
  • Washer Fluid Reminder – It’s time to refill your washer fluid.
  • BSM – Your Blind Spot Monitoring system is on and working. 

Tires Warning Lights: 

  • Tire Pressure Warning Light The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) lets you know if your tires aren’t properly inflated. It will turn on whether you have a tire that is over- or under-inflated. 

Let Toyota of Brookhaven Handle Your Warning Light Issues

Now that you know what the light on your dashboard means, turn to the service center at Toyota of Brookhaven next time a light comes on, and you need a certified technician to check it out. We’re also here for all of your vehicle maintenance needs with service specials to save you money.

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