How to Change the Battery in a Toyota Key Fob

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Everybody who drives a new Toyota should learn how to change the battery in a Toyota key fob if they want to avoid getting locked out in Jackson or failing to start in Monticello. It’s easy enough to learn how to open the Toyota key fob and how to change the car key battery of a Toyota, so simply read on for everything you need to know.

Toyota Key Fob Battery Replacement Instructions

  • On newer models, open your key fob using a hidden key that pulls out and inserts into the slot on newer models; on older models use a thin object to pry open the case’s noticeable notch.
  • Expose the battery by gently lifting up the circuit board.
  • Check the battery type. Most Toyotas use a CR2032 battery that’s easy to find online or in stores.
  • Remove the old battery and slip in the new one, then seal up the case.

Once you’ve changed the battery, test the replacement is working by locking and unlocking the vehicle and starting it up. If there are any problems, you might need to readjust the battery to ensure connections are clean and contact is being made.

What to Do if Your Toyota Key Fob is Broken

Still not working? If the key is damaged, you can get a new one cut at our Toyota of Brookhaven service center. If the key fob itself is broken, you can replace the case at our parts center. In the event of severe physical damage or water damage, you can get the entire Toyota key fob replaced.

If you’ve lost your Toyota key fob on your travels around McComb and Vicksburg, you’ll need to have a new key cut and a fob programmed to match your vehicle. Contact our service team for assistance in providing a replacement.

Learn How to Change the Car Key Battery of Your Toyota With Toyota of Brookhaven

You can find anything from car buying tips to maintenance advice, like how to jump start a carto save you money on oil changes and service specials from Toyota of Brookhaven. To find out more or arrange a test drive in one of our new Toyota models, simply get in touch today.

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