Important New Toyota Prius V Performance Features

October 19th, 2018 by

Looking for a new hybrid hatchback? Check out the Toyota Prius V. If a vehicle moves into your blind spots, then the Blind Spot Information System will identify the issue and begin to flash the side mirrors on your Toyota Prius V. These alerts will help you to find which blind spot is occupied so you don't leave the lane until that vehicle has moved on.

When you set the speed in the Toyota Prius V using the Adaptive Cruise Control, forward mounted sensors are activated to show the space between your vehicle and the lead car. If that distance gets smaller, your vehicle powers down to maintain a buffer, then resumes the desired speed once clear.

Now that you have an idea why the Toyota Prius V is so popular, take a ride to see us at Toyota of Brookhaven so you can get one out for a test drive now.


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