Safety Features Packed in the All-New Toyota Tacoma

March 4th, 2019 by

Our crew at Toyota of Brookhaven wanted to share a few of the safety features of the popular midsize pickup truck, the Toyota Tacoma, so motorists can make an informed buying decision.

When you are driving your new Tacoma and you begin to slowly leave the safety of the lane lines, this is when the Lane-Departure system alerts you to take action. Sensors pointed at the road surface can spot this movement, and will begin to send vibrations to the steering wheel so that the driver identifies the concern and takes action to correct the position of the vehicle.

To help assist a driver navigate driving in reverse more easily, the new Toyota Tacoma comes equipped with the Cross-Traffic Alert system. Activated automatically when the vehicle shifts to reverse, the sensors in the back of the vehicle scan both sides of the road for any oncoming traffic before flashing a warning to slow or stop.


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Source: Brookhaven Blog

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