This Subcompact Was Built With Your Safety in Mind

March 18th, 2019 by

It's never fun getting into an accident when you're out and about around town. It's better to be behind the wheel of a vehicle that has taken the extra steps to make any daily commute safer. The new Toyota Yaris is equipped to help keep you safe no matter where you choose to venture to.

There are a number of features that you'll discover once you arrive at Toyota of Brookhaven that make driving the new Yaris a safer activity. Among these features is an active safety system. This system is comprised of a number of individualized safety features. These include an Anti-lock Brake System, Traction Control System, and Brake Override System to name a few.

The Toyota Yaris also comes equipped with a low-speed pre-collision system. This system scans the road ahead to detect possible hazards. If one is detected, then the system will alert drivers with audio and visual signals while prepping the brake assist system. If drivers fail to act, then the system may apply the brakes for them.


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