Toyota Land Cruiser Provides Comprehensive Impact Protections

April 15th, 2019 by

Quite a few people who buy SUVs purchase these vehicles for many of the same reasons. Among these common reasons are extra room, more power, and enhanced safety capabilities. The full-size SUV known as the Toyota Land Cruiser performs well in all of these areas. On the safety front, the Land Cruiser employs many technologies that resist crash impact forces and thus act to keep occupants safer.

During severe crashes, it is important to protect the upper bodies of vehicle occupants. The Toyota Land Cruiser accomplishes this with a proprietary force cushioning head impact protection system. This system works along with front seat active headrests to cushion and protect occupant necks and heads during accidents.

No less important than interior protection is exterior protection, and the Toyota Land Cruiser employs specially constructed side impact beams that feature rigid, force-absorbing designs and materials.


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Source: Brookhaven Blog

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