What to Expect With Your Toyota Highlander in Terms of Safety Features

November 27th, 2018 by

Vehicle Stability Control

The Star Safety System comes on the Toyota Highlander to allow a driver to stabilize their vehicle as they are driving it around town. This comes in handy more than you might suspect as many drives are a bit more distracted when they drive the roads these days.

Seat Mounted Side Airbags

The driver and the front passenger have seat mounted side airbags available so that they are fully protected in the event of an emergency. A lot of people appreciate this particular feature.

Seatbelt Warning Sensor

Don't start driving without a seatbelt on. Not only is it dangerous to do so, but you may be stopped by law enforcement and ticketed. The Toyota Highlander has a built-in seat belt sensor that will beep and warn you if you start to drive while not wearing your seat belt. It is just one more way that the new Highlander can help you out.


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