Which Toyota Highlander is Right for You?

July 29th, 2019 by

When drivers head over to Toyota of Brookhaven, they have a difficult but pleasant choice ahead of them. There are two versions of the Toyota Highlander with a similar set of performance features, so it's hard to pick just one vehicle! The conventional Highlander comes with a 3.5-liter V6 direct-injection gasoline engine to offer drivers a healthy amount of torque and power. This engine comes connected to a special Shift-8AT eight-speed automatic transmission, which provides best-in-class control.

Those who find driving in crowded streets gobbles up their fuel budget might want to instead take a look at the new Highlander Hybrid. In spite of the fact that it's no smaller than the conventional model, it offers superior fuel economy and comes packed with regenerative brakes to automatically convert stopping power into electricity to recharge the battery. It still generates a respectable 240 horses as well.

Fortunately, this is one decision where there really isn't any wrong answer.


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Source: Brookhaven Blog

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